Meet Rena

Welcome!  I’m Rena Greenberg – International Hay House and McGraw-Hill weight loss author and hospital-based wellness speaker, since 1990. My goal is to help you start to feel healthier and happier, pain-free, with more energy. If you are tired or in pain right now, I’ve been there.

A Shocking Beginning . . .

My passion for health and wellness began in my early twenties when I suddenly lost all my energy.  Without warning, at the age of 26, I had a heart attack.  After 3 weeks in Cardiac Care, a permanent pacemaker was implanted. The Chief of Cardiology told me I had the heart of an 80 year old. I also was pre-diabetic, overweight and had chronic fatigue.

Rena in nature

How my Wake-Up Call Changed My Life

Following my near brush with death, I was determined to get healthy.  I read every health and nutrition book available, searching for answers.  That was decades ago. Today, I am married for 30 years, the mother of two amazing daughters, and have vibrant health.  But what has been most rewarding about getting healthy is that it allowed me to create a wellness program that’s helped thousands of people change their lives.

I’ve had the privilege of helping over 200,000 people to lose weight and stop smoking with my hospital based Wellness Seminar program. Over 100 major corporations such as Walt Disney World and AT&T brought me on site to help their employees. In fact, many of my successful clients have been featured on national television on Good Morning America, Nightline, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, FOX News, The Doctors Show, CNN, my own show on PBS, plus in over 150 newspaper stories.

Putting It All Together

My quest for health led me to discover how to live and eat for optimal health and energy.  It taught me how to listen to and honor my inner guidance. I learned how to make self-care a top priority. I realized the importance of eating whole, real, clean, unprocessed food from the earth—and how to make healthy food taste delicious.  I learned how to eliminate cravings for sugar and carbs.  I found ways to do this easily, even when my lifestyle got super busy. To me, a healthy lifestyle starts with being balanced in mind and body. Taking time to be in nature, connecting with your spirit and relaxing deeply, on a regular basis, is key. I’ve learned that moving your body daily is non-negotiable (for living a stress-free, pain-free life.)

Can You Heal Your Body with Food?

I am a firm believer in healing the body with whole, clean food and a healthy lifestyle.  I don’t advocate any special diet because diets lead to deprivation.  In my experience, it’s unnecessary to declare yourself a strict vegetarian, vegan or raw-foodie. You don’t have to join Paleo or be on any other rigid “diet.”

Instead, I find that when your body is in balance, you naturally want to eat the unprocessed healthy foods that nourish and sustain you.

But the problem is, if you are like most people who come to me for help, your body is not in balance.  This is why you feel crabby, low energy or pain in your body. I want to assure you that it doesn’t have to be this way.  There is hope . . .

Can We Get Our Nutrition From Food?

It would be wonderful if we could just eat a diet rich in phytochemicals and nutrients from raw plants, vegetables and fruits.  It would be even better if we weren’t exposed to stress and toxins in our environment, on a daily basis.  Imagine a world where our food and water weren’t contaminated with chemicals. Sadly, this world no longer exists.  Therefore, it’s likely that you need some extra help in getting the nutrition your body needs. You deserve to live a pain-free life. I want you to wake up each morning with the vibrant energy and sharp mental focus you long for.



Rena Greenberg’s Weight Loss and Wellness Success Has been Featured in over 150 TV and Newspaper Stories

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