CBD 600 MG. Tincture

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Rena’s Organic donates a portion from every sale to All Hands All Hearts. All Hands All Hearts provides quick response and long-term aid to victims of natural disasters, such as floods, hurricanes, fires, tornadoes and earthquakes. A+ Rated by Charity Watch. 96% of our donations go straight to those in need.


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Rena’s Organic® 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 day money back guarantee

I have had the privilege of helping people achieve their health, weight loss and wellness goals for the last 30 years. I am honored that thousands of people attended my hospital sponsored corporate weight loss program.

Hearing and seeing their results, featured on over 150 television and newspaper stories such as on CNN and Nightline, has been such a gift to me..

My life’s mission is to empower people to find wellness through natural means. I am most inspired by the famous quote from the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates: “Do no harm.”.

Try Rena’s Organic® 600 MG CBD for a full 30 days and if you’re not thrilled with your results, you can return it easily for a complete refund (less shipping).

Just call or email our friendly United States based Customer Service to get your hassle-free refund.


What’s in the 600 MG. CBD Tincture?

Rena’s Organic® contains pure, full spectrum 600 MG. CBD in Omega-3 rich MCT oil, with a drop of pure, organic orange essential oil, in a 30 ml tincture bottle. That’s it!

How much should I take?

A full dropper of Rena’s Organic 600 MG CBD contains approximately 20 MG CBD.

Listen to your body! Everyone’s dose is going to be a little different.

For best results, I suggest that you take it sublingually—meaning put the CBD tincture under your tongue. Swish it around and swallow it slowly. This offers maximum absorption.

I recommend that you start with just a few drops under your tongue and then increase from there. It doesn’t take much CBD to feel an effect. Most people who use 600 MG. CBD report that they feel the greatest benefit when taking a dropper-full twice a day.


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